10 transit-accessible hikes in and around Seattle

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To be a hiker or trail runner in Seattle is to know Interstate 90 intimately. I love spending time walking and running our region’s forests and mountains. Cliché though it is, it’s easy to temporarily forget about the stresses of real life when you’re huffing up and down hills which is good for the soul. Time spent driving on I-90 is not.

Luckily, for those who hate driving, and more importantly, those without a car who still want to access the region’s amazing natural areas, it’s possible to go hiking by transit both within the city and nearby. King County Metro’s Trailhead Direct shuttle service from Seattle to trailheads in Issaquah and North Bend is making this exceptionally easy during the late spring and summer when it runs, but there are year-round options for transit hiking as well.

Click here for more information: https://seattle.curbed.com/maps/car-free-hiking-trails-seattle