11 Home Design Trends That Need A Revival In 2024

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As someone who spends plenty of time indulging in HGTV and working on my illustrious and successful career as a dream home decorator...in The Sims, I feel rightfully qualified to share all of the home design, home architecture, home-anything trends that I desperately need to see erase the dreary and oftentimes sterile trends we see today.

So let's dive into some home trends I deeply wish would make a strong comeback:

1. Conversation Pits and Sunken Living Rooms: No one on this Earth will ever make me hate a conversation pit. If I could teleport back to the creation of this beautiful architectural design, I would advocate to make it federally mandatory in every household. The love is REAL. I also think they're incredibly versatile. We often see little square boxes sitting in the middle of the room, with a couch around its perimeter, but I think they can be so much more than that. I also don't believe your living room is the only room that can be sunken.

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