15 Game-Changing Closet Door Idea That You Can DIY

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One of the most surprising ways to craft a splashy design visual is with cool closet doors. Since they can take up so much visual space in a room, or conceal an entire room themselves, they’re an opportunity to make a truly bespoke feature using an often ignored medium. Not sure where to start with your closet door updates? From full satin panels in a dreamy lilac shade to historic woodwork refreshed with white paint, here is the ultimate list for designer-approved closet doors.

A sophisticated way to elevate closet doors is with textured glass, like in this Husband Wife–designed Manhattan apartment. In this case, the primary dressing room is a point of interest due to the light play from the reflective glass that serves a functional purpose too; the dark-hued panels conceal any messiness behind them. For a more approachable way to mimic this upscale look, think about using baking soda to make textured paint. Dress up even basic glass closet doors with this clever textural element.

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