25 Bathroom Flooring Ideas That You Have to Try

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Bathrooms may be some of the smallest rooms in the house but, perhaps because of their size, they offer decorators the chance to take more risks. Nothing is more exciting than opening a bathroom door and discovering a beautiful world of color and pattern or a soothing, serene spa—that may or may not be a departure from the rest of your house’s maximalist or minimalist vibe. What anchors it all, of course, is the bathroom floor, especially when it’s paved in gorgeous tiles. As for how to incorporate them into your space, Artistic Tile president Lauren Cherkas encourages homeowners not to hold back. “Think about how the floors take up much less square footage, compared to the walls, of the space,” she explains. “It’s the perfect opportunity to select what you love.” So don’t be afraid to go bold. If you’re starting out on a renovation and unsure of what to do, we’ve canvassed some of our favorite bathroom floor tile ideas to offer you plenty of inspiration. Happy scrolling!

Whoever said too much of a good thing is bad? A palate-cleansing white ceiling and upper wall afford an all-out blue tile takeover in a California kids bathroom, by ELLE DECOR A-List designer Pamela Shamshiri. The bright azure tiles are from Heath Ceramics.

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