5 tips for avoiding stress while selling your home

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Real Estate

Before taking out a mortgage on a new home, my husband and I have always sold our existing property. And it's only fair to admit that everything we know about staying stress free while selling is a result of doing things wrong -- sometimes very wrong. Based on the good, the bad, and the ugly moments in selling a home, here are five things we've learned about staying cool throughout the process.

1. Work with the right agent

The right agent makes all the difference in terms of stress. We've worked with an agent who wasn't familiar with our neighborhood, one who blew so much smoke that we were constantly confused, and an agent who insisted we accept our first offer, even though it wasn't what we wanted. We've also worked with an agent who was so honest it hurt but gave us a realistic idea of what we could expect, an agent who told us exactly where to spend our money and time as we prepared to sell, and an agent who saw red flags and steered us away from a sketchy buyer. Taking your time to interview agents until you find one that fits will help prevent stress and may even help you net more on the sale.

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