55 Best Living Room Color Ideas, Design Experts

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While a neutral-toned room has the potential to feel as timeless as an all-white kitchen, it’s so yesteryear. That is, according to color experts who are predicting a rainbow renaissance in the home. As of late, we’ve seen it all: loud-and-proud jewel-toned sitting rooms, dreamy, forest-inspired dens, even living rooms flaunting allover stripes. All proof that the secret to a well-appointed living room (and by default, a happy life) just might be color!

San Diego–based designer Allison Garrison, of Allito Spaces, considers color one of the most important tools in her design arsenal. “With the living room being one of the rooms in your house where you will spend the most time, it’s important to set the creative direction with intention,” she says.

Where to start in your journey to find the best living room color? Garrison suggests first considering wall color. You can choose a bold shade, or you can practice restraint with a soothing palette of neutrals. And you can always opt for the best of both worlds, with a combination of vibrant and subdued hues. “White walls will make a space feel fresh; a soft hue—whether blue, green or pink—can read as a neutral and create a calm, comfortable environment; and a dark, saturated color will be dramatic.” She recommends saving those deeper hues for secondary spaces like offices or media rooms.

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