7 Reasons to Give Your Home a Fresh Face

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Thirty seconds. That’s how long your house has to make a first impression. That’s how long it takes to amble up the front walk, take in the surroundings, and arrive at the entry. That 30 seconds has a measurable impact on the mindset of whoever walks through your door.

That person might be a guest you’d like to welcome, a potential buyer, if you’re showing your house in an effort to sell or possibly, and most importantly, that person might be you. Of all the people who ought to feel great when they cross the threshold, you matter most. It’s your house!

So here’s what I’m wondering: Have you put any thought into remodeling your front door and entryway?

An immaculate and inspiring front door is a perfect and rewarding remodeling project that you might want to move to the top of your list.

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