A 1940s Bathroom Gets a New Paint Color with Vinta

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Sometimes home issues come up that make renovations a need and not a want: Mold, gas leaks, broken water heaters, rotted floors, leaky roofs, burst pipes, and overflowing or clogged toilets are all matters that homeowners and renters (or their landlords) will want to address ASAP. 

DIYer Leigha of @LittleMaineHouse needed urgent home repair a few months after she moved into her 1940 colonial when a pipe burst in a bathroom during the cold Maine winter. It turned a wishlist project into one where decisions had to be made “in about a millisecond,” Leigha recalls.

She always wanted to renovate the bathroom because the before “was TRAGIC” she says. Leigha disliked the small pedestal sink which offered no storage, the “sterile” faux-stone flooring, and that the shower had been updated with a plastic insert as opposed to real tile.

“It’s our only full bathroom and [it] is tiny — 6-foot by 7-foot — meaning it needed to work really hard for us while also being beautiful,” she says. Leigha wanted to take her time making decisions, but when the pipe burst and the room flooded, she shifted her priorities a bit. 

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