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Small lamps on kitchen counters create such a lovely, warm mood in what can be one of the most sterile rooms in the house! This is a trend that I'm happy to get behind, probably because I've been doing it for years. 😊

I love the added charm of a lamp in unexpected places. They look great in mud rooms, on the counter in the kitchen and even in bathrooms! 

The low light is perfect for small tasks in the evenings, and they just look SO sweet nestled under the kitchen cabinets. And the texture of a pretty lamp base and shade also breaks up the monotony of the necessities on the countertops. 

I've added small lamps all over our house and they still make me smile years later. I added on our laundry room counter for some soft light: 

This laundry/mud room lamp is especially nice when we run out in the evenings. I love having the soft light on when we walk in the door!
I have a couple in our kitchen as well. This small lamp (no longer available from Target) next to my DIY spice rack under the cabinets gives us just the right amount of light:  

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