Ballard farmers market offers delivery

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Foot traffic and masks are a welcome sight in Ballard. For more than 20 years, the Ballard Farmers Market has been a staple in Seattle.

“A lot of people are attached to this market and so they are kind of already here and they are trying to figure out without the vendors that I normally see here. ‘How do I still get that stuff?’” said Joy Moody, the online manager for the Ballard Farmers Market.

 The outdoor market was shut down entirely for several weeks during the worst of the pandemic.

To continue serving its community, the Ballard Farmers Market went online for the first time. Moody was brought on during the pandemic specifically to move sales to the internet.

This week, they take this innovation a step further: starting Monday, they’ll offer delivery locally to orders placed online.

Delivery will be free if you spend more than $120 and there will be a limited number of deliveries each week. Regardless, they're hoping to reach a demographic that isn't ready to be out in public just yet.

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