Barbenheimer’s Coming for Your Kitchen Appliances

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In the beginning, there was the white kitchen. Minimalist and monochrome, its color palette—or lack thereof—made a timeless, foolproof backdrop for day-to-day sautéing and braising. The countertops were subtle, thinly veined quartzite; the faucets and refrigerators were stainless steel.

No more. In 2024, the kitchen is going full-blown Technicolor. Gone are subtle color palettes like duck egg and deep green; in their place, homeowners and kitchen designers alike are favoring palettes—and ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers to match—like black or pink; moody versus bright.

Kitchen appliances, to borrow a pop culture reference, are going full-blown Barbenheimer.

“I stayed true to classic white kitchens for a very long time,” admits interior designer and ELLE DECOR A-Lister Ghislaine Viñas. “I’m now entering a period of exploration.”An all-pink kitchen in Lâncome’s house in France’s perfume country.

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