Bellevue neighborhood claim highest rent Northwest

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The most expensive place to rent in the entire Pacific Northwest is in Bellevue.

Downtown Bellevue, to be specific, in ZIP code 98004. The average rent there is $2,824, according to a recent assessment by RentCafe. The data is derived from actual rents from market-rate apartment buildings with more than 50 units.

But this corner of Bellevue isn’t the only high-priced neighborhood in the region. In fact, it’s only $8 more than the next area on the list — Seattle’s central business district at $2,816.

Bellevue is currently wrestling with its affordability, and how to develop into the future. There are some who argue for less parking in favor of affordable housing in Bellevue. Less parking in new buildings means less construction costs, which means less rent in the end. Others strongly disagree.

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