Experts say house market fundamental remain strong

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A bevy of negative news this week has once again stoked fear that an economic downturn is imminent.

Yesterday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had its worst day of the year with an 800-point dive. Then, news broke that the bond yield curve has inverted, a sign that the market believes investing in the short-term is more risky than investing in the long-term, which economists have identified as a consistent signifier of a future recession. With trade war tension already a front page story, is the market headed for a recession, and if so, how will that impact real estate markets?

There’s been a widespread feeling that the decade-long economic expansion has been due for a correction, and homebuyers have felt nervous about the future. A survey released last month found consumer confidence fell 4.4 percent over the past year, which the author felt could reflect consumer concerns over a potential recession or future economic growth.

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