Home Office Features That Buyers Always Notice

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Gone are the days of a home office with a sparse, thrown-together look with zero personality. Workers are spending more time in these spaces and want them to look and feel good. And if you’re selling a home, an inviting home office can show buyers a well-designed WFH setup to accommodate people’s flexible schedules. 

Clearly, people’s attitudes toward the home office have shifted over the last three years; trends evolve as lifestyles change. Here are the home office features that are ready for an update.

Executive Desks
The traditional home office with dark wood-paneled everything? Yeah, that design situation is blessedly a thing of the past. “The home office setups that scream ‘dated’ or ‘depressing’ are those with big clunky desks and huge shelving systems,” says Molly Marino, a real estate agent and home stager. 

Avoid the boardroom feel by opting for more modern or transitional furnishings that keep the space feeling open and spacious. “Choose a light and airy desk that appears more like a table than an old-school office desk,” adds Marino. 

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