Homes sell faster in Seattle than other U.S market

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Real Estate

When a for sale sign went into the yard of the house across the street from mine recently, I figured it would be a busy few weeks as interested home shoppers took a look. Four days later, the house was marked as sold. Such is life in Seattleā€™s hot hot real estate market.

A new report from Trulia, the real estate listings site that is part of Zillow Group, adds further fire to that hot story with a closer look at the markets across the United States where the number of days between when a listing shows up on Trulia and when it is officially sold is quickest.

No surprise, but Seattle is at the top of the list of the 10 markets where the number of list-to-sale days is shortest. The city is tied with San Francisco and San Jose, Calif., at 36 days. No market on the list is above 45 days, with Portland and Tacoma, Wash., also showing up.

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