How real estate taxes can affect your tax refund

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Tax season is coming to an end and it's a safe bet that thousands, if not millions of Americans, still need to file their 2018 tax returns.

If you’re one of many Americans who hasn't finished up their taxes yet, the chances are high that the rapidly approaching April 15 deadline is leaving you a little stressed.

If you're worried about real estate-related taxes, LendingTree recently released a study that reveals some ways that homeowners can ease worries about their tax burdens.

“The purpose of our study is not only to show where real estate taxes are the lowest, but also to help familiarize the average person with a few key elements present in the 2017 Trump tax bill,” the company writes. “That way, homeowners will not only have a better understanding of what their tax burden is like, compared to other people from around the country, but they will also have a better idea of the kinds of steps they need to take to maximize their tax refund.”

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