How to find great mortgage rates and fast closing

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From falling inventory to competitive pricing, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the real estate market in a variety of ways. One silver lining? Record low mortgage rates.

The June 18 report released by Freddie Mac put 30-year new mortgage rates at 3.18 percent (2.58 percent for those seeking a 15-year mortgage.) This is a .71 percent drop from rates published in June 2019. While these refinance rates may seem small, they’re big news.

In April 2020, Freddie Mac published the lowest mortgage rate seen since 1971, and now they’re even lower.

For those with steady employment and a down payment at-the-ready, now is the near-perfect time to buy a home, as mortgage and refinance rates this low may not be seen again in our lifetime. Credible can help you compare mortgage lenders and discover the best refinance rates available today so you can lower your monthly payments and meet your financial goals.

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