I’d Been More Bossy with Real Estate Photographer

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Real Estate

When it comes to selling a house, great photos are the single most critical ingredient. A professional, well-lit, nicely composed shot of your home’s best angle is your one chance to grab potential buyers’ attention as they’re scrolling.

Most (although not all!) real estate agents have caught on, and are willing to pay for professional listing photography out of their commission. As a seller, this means you’re able to sit back and leave everything up to the photographer, right?


Here’s where I admit I’m a nightmare client, because as a home flipper and Airbnb host, I insist on choosing the photographer when I sell a house. (There’s a big variance among people selling their photography services.) Yet once that photographer actually arrives, I’m reluctant to tell them how to do their job. They’re professionals, after all, and don’t need the homeowner hovering over their shoulder, right?

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