Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Home in Auburn, WA

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In many of the endeavors we take on, obstacles are sure to cross our path before we reach our goals. Even if you’re selling your home in Auburn Washington, there may be hurdles to overcome before you can experience a successful sale. These obstacles are often mistakes that are made by the home sellers themselves; however, learning about these common mistakes may help you to avoid them.

If your house has been sitting on the market for an extended amount of time, the first thing you might try to do is put yourself in the homebuyer’s shoes. Is there something you would want to improve about your home? Perhaps the price is too high or schools are too far away? Recognizing some of the potential problems with your property can help you to understand what a homebuyer is looking for and how you can improve the home’s potential to sell.

To help you further, the following are the top 3 mistakes to avoid before you put your house up for sale.

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home in Auburn Washington

1.       Your Asking Price Is Too High

Most potential homebuyers are first drawn to a home because of its price. When a home price fits their budget and reflects the value of the home, buyers are more likely to make an offer. If you are selling your home in Auburn Washington, it is a good idea to gather some knowledge about the current market, and find out what similar homes are going for. A home that is overpriced will scare away buyers and sit on the market; it’s not worth it to aim too high, so be realistic about the value of your property. 

Pricing your home to correspond with Auburn Washington price ranges will likely gain the attention of potential home buyers. Hitting the right price point is important to selling a house fast; if you don’t price the house within the current market trends, your home will likely sit on the market for much longer than you planned and force you to reduce the price.

2.       You’re Not Staging Your Home Properly

Once you have grabbed buyers’ attention with your price, it’s now time to WOW them on the inside as well. This means you’ll want to present the home in its best light, both in its curb appeal as well as its interior staging.

Choosing not to stage your home is the second most common mistake for sellers. Those sellers who stage their home with a professional will sell their home 73% faster than houses that are not staged! Proper staging helps buyers to envision themselves in the neutral environment, and also gives them decorating inspiration.

In an upcoming article, we will discuss the effective ways to stage your home for a quick turnaround. 

3.       Failure to Hire a Good REALTOR®

Unless you already have a buyer or you’re a REALTOR® yourself, hiring a good REALTOR® could be the difference between selling a house fast and not selling at all. A qualified REALTOR® will help you with your goal of selling your house fast by using their networks, referrals and experience in the market. With today’s technology, real estate agents can also be helpful by using more tools to market their listings, including advertising on smartphones, social media, websites and more.

As a homeowner, you will have the last say, but having a good REALTOR® will give you more options and helpful recommendations for your strategies.

Bottom line: When selling your home in Auburn Washington, expect to see a very tight market for buyers. Inventory is at its lowest in the Auburn Washington area, so be smart about your sale and you’ll be able to find the best buyer for your home.

If you want your home to be the one that sells today, be sure to avoid the common mistakes listed for a more successful, faster sale.

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