Pierce County gives help to businesses & renters

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Small business owners in Pierce County forced to shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic are getting desperate for help to survive.

“We’re were hoping that we would be able to open again on the fifth of May,” said Susan Leeming, owner of High Maintenance Spa and Salon in Tacoma. “Given the governor’s speech yesterday, we’re not sure.”

Leeming said she's luckier than a lot of small business owners. While her shop is closed her husband is still working so they have an income. But as the coronavirus shutdown drags on she's losing money. She applied for a federal program that was supposed to help small businesses but that didn't pan out.

Find more information here: https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/pierce-county-tacoma-roll-out-coronavirus-help-businesses-renters/JMCPFTKANRB7RAR42N53UJ4RC4/