Rainier Beach home owners hope to survive Seattle

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Seattle’s new affordable housing rules mean that upzones are now in effect throughout much of the city. Developers can now build more homes on less land. In exchange, they have to contribute to affordable housing. The downside is that in some neighborhoods, there’s a risk development will push people out. That’s a real concern in Seattle’s Rainier Beach neighborhood.

Cabby Albright grew up in Rainier Beach. “And my childhood house, is right here,” she said, pointing to a modest split-level home. “It looked a lot cuter when I lived there,” she said.

Albright said her family settled in Rainier Beach when she was a little kid, after a wave of gentrification pushed them out of the Central District. The memory of being displaced has stayed with her. “I think the Central District was really a failure for the city of Seattle," she said. "I think we failed a lot of people in that whole entire community.”

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