Seattle Tops New York with the less Rentals in U.S

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The average size of new apartments in the U.S. in 2018 is 941 square feet, 5 percent smaller than ten years ago, with studio apartments shrinking the most, by more than 10 percent; meanwhile, overall rents have increased by 28% over the same period of time.

The average size of apartments regardless of year built is 882 square feet, with the largest apartments in the Southeast boasting 975 square feet of living space and the smallest in California, measuring 837 square feet.

Seattle has the tiniest apartments in the country, with an average size of 711 square feet, Manhattan and Chicago the second smallest rentals, 733 square feet, while Tallahassee, FL offers the most spacious rentals in the U.S., 1,038 square feet on average.

As rental apartments have been growing in both popularity and price over the past decade, their floor plans have been slowly shrinking in size. The average size of a new apartment completed in 2018 in the U.S. is 941 square feet, 52 sqft less than the size of an apartment built ten years ago, according to our newest analysis of apartment sizes using Yardi Matrix data.

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