Staging a House on a Budget

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Staged homes allow potential buyers to envision the possibilities of living in that space, which often leads to quicker offers and higher sales prices. According to the National Association of Realtors Research Group's 2019 Profile of Home Staging Report:

83% of buyers' agents said a staged home helps their clients see themselves living in the space.
25% of buyers' agents say the offer price can increase up to 5% for a staged home.
The living room was noted as the most important room to be staged (47%), followed by the master bedroom (40%), and the kitchen (35%)

With this data, it's hard to argue against staging your property for sale -- at least a couple of rooms, anyway. But if professional home staging is not in the budget, then it's time to take on DIY staging for your next open house. Here are some home-staging tips for key areas of the home that could lead to a quicker sale.

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