Tacoma a safer city to live in than Seattle

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SEATTLE -- A new study out Monday on the safest larger cities in the United States didn't shed a whole lot of love on the Puget Sound region, but between Tacoma and Seattle, it rated Tacoma just a little bit safer.

The study by WalletHub factored in not only crime safety, but other types of hazards as well, including exposure to natural disasters, financial risks such as needing to take second mortgages or foregoing health insurance, or exposure to cybercrime. In all, 39 key indicators of safety were used to compile their list of 182 cities across the U.S., including the 150 most populated cities.

Overall, Seattle came in 143rd out of 182 -- 151st in home and community safety, 141st in natural disaster risk but 2nd best overall in financial safety.

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