This House for Sale Has the Most Ornate Murals

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Real Estate

When real estate agent Sam Cooper of the @SamCooperRealtor TikTok account posted a video showing off the front entryway of a house that he was about to put on the market, he maybe expected a few likes and a handful of comments along the lines of “wow” and “that’s cool.” Instead, his video went viral and the people in the comments section demanded he reconsider painting over the incredible handpainted murals that lined the walls and ceiling of the foyer. And thankfully, Cooper listened.

“We’re gonna change this,” Cooper said in the video walkthrough of the front entryway. “We’ve got a contractor inside right now who’s going to repaint all of this.”

According to Cooper, repainting the murals would make the home more saleable, but, according to the millions who found the video, painting over those incredible vignettes inspired by classic murals found in buildings all over Europe would be a crime.

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