This January New Area Code Will Affect Bonney Lake

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New area code for Western Washington will be enforced this January 28, and even if your number doesn't use the new 564 prefix ratified last spring, the new area code will change how you make local calls. The new area code will change how everyone makes calls in the 206, 253, 425, and 360 area codes. Numbers in the 360 area code would begin expiring by early 2018. You should begin using the new 10-digit dialing procedure when calling within the 206, 253, 425, and 360 area codes; however, seven-digit calls will still work.

At the moment, you can call inside the 4 major Western Washington area codes by dialing just 7 digits. For example, an individual in the 206 area code can call another individual in the that area code by dialing 7 digits. Come July, you will need to add the area code, or it won't connect. Aside from dialing the three extra digits, the new area code won't change much about how you make calls. You'll still be able to access 911. If your city has a 211/311 hotline, those will be left the same.

Please take note of these other important dates for the new area code roll out:

July 29, 2017 - You will need to use 10-digit dialing when calling within Western Washington area codes. Your call won't connect if you use the old 7-digit method.

Aug. 28, 2017 - New phone numbers in the 360 area will start to get the 564 code. Within this zone, phone numbers will exist with both 360 and 564 area codes. The new code won't appear in 206, 253, or 425 zones until numbers there begin running out.