This single-family home is selling for 15-million

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Real Estate

It’s a dream home — because any buyer would have to be unconscious to pay this price.

A century-old clapboard duplex in Jamaica, Queens, is currently on the market for an eye-popping $15 million.  

Lux amenities include 1.5 baths, three bedrooms, a rusty chain-link fence, and an eat-in kitchen.

It’s nestled in a neighborhood that has seen rising violence, with the local 103rd Precinct reporting felony assault is up 9.5% and burglary 35.7% so far this year, according to NYPD data.

The two-story home sits atop a 20-by-100-foot lot, and was listed in June 2020 for $10 million.

The asking price comparable to a historic Upper East Side townhouse has real estate experts scratching their heads. In fact, $15 million can get you your very own private island off the Belize coast, with better beach vistas than Jamaica Bay.

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