Tips on buying a home during the pandemic

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Real Estate

With record unemployment and a volatile stock market, we are living in uncertain economic times to say the least.

You might think buying a home would be the last thing you'd want to do, but is it? Consumer Reports explains with a little creativity and flexibility, this could be the right time to buy.

Seth and Renee Bellber had been talking about selling their home and buying something with more space and now, despite the pandemic, they've decided this is the time to hit the market.

"We just had been a little reluctant to pull the trigger, but after talking to our agent she had explained that now is as good a time as any," they said.

Consumer Reports said there may be some benefits to buying a home now.

"If you're secure in your job and you've got some savings it's actually not a bad time to buy. There are going to be opportunities that probably didn't exist even just a few months ago," said Paul Hope, Consumer Reports Home Editor.

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