Updated rules for restaurant to combat Coronavirus

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Gov. Jay Inslee on Thursday announced new restrictions on businesses and activities, as the state grapples with a growing number of coronavirus cases and increased transmission rates.

Inslee noted that Thursday marked four months since his original "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order was announced. At that time, 110 Washingtonians had died. Today, the death toll is closer to 1,500, with more than 50,000 confirmed illnesses recorded across the state.

After initial success in flattening the curve, cases began to surge June, and daily case totals remain about double those seen during the previous peak. While some of that number is due to a large increase in testing, the virus's transmission rate is well above target levels in many counties throughout Washington.

Find more information here: https://patch.com/washington/bellevue/s/h6qv9/inslee-tightens-rules-restaurants-bars-combat-coronavirus