Winter Weather Preparedness Tips for All

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The local forecast for Bonney Lake, Lake Tapps, Lakeland Hills & Tehaleh area homes is cold, cold and more cold! Here are some ideas to help you be ready.

We are finally feeling like we are in the heart of winter! Experiencing frigid temperatures, dice and snow, take the time to make sure your home, car and furry friends are all ready.


Your car - Make sure you see and be seen. Once your vehicle is inspected for winter weather and prepared properly, make sure you’re able to see and be seen on the road. Make sure your headlights, taillights and windows are clean, and check defrosters. 


Your home - With utmost cold weather conditions, your pipes may freeze up. You can protect your pipes by letting them drip slightly through the night when the temperatures are the coldest.

Another thing. We all know we take a lot of effort to keep our homes warm and cozy for our family, so make sure to keep your thermostat at a moderate temperature, remember to safely use secondary measures to keeping your space warm.



And for your furry friends - Bring Them Inside

Some furry friends can survive outdoors full time when the temperature's freezing. When it’s cold, the body balances by pulling the circulation away from the limit to help keep the core temperature warm. That will let the ear tips, paws and tail susceptible to frostbite. Or at the very least, provide a well-insulated outdoor house with dry bedding that’s out of the wind.

Wishing you a healthy, warm and safe winter to you and your family.